Installation images from The Horror Show! at Somerset House.


We’ve just added an archive of installation images from The Horror Show! to our website.

Visit this page for an online walkthrough of the exhibition. All installation photos are by Tim Bowditch and courtesy of Somerset House.

The Horror Show! was an exhibition we co-curated at Somerset House, featuring around 200 exhibits that presented an alternative perspective on the last five decades of British culture, in three acts – Monster, Ghost and Witch.

“I am starting to think all exhibitions of contemporary art should be curated by artists. Pollard and Forsyth don’t get snagged by the laboured rationalities that often crush shows. You need to think like an artist in order to be able to connect so many gothic strands, strike a pose that’s funny and serious at the same time, and leave us unsure whether we should laugh or scream or cry.”
The Guardian ★★★★★

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