The Dazzler


Here’s our new video for Ex:Re, the new solo project of Elena Tonra from Daughter. It features the legendary Maxine Peake and cameos from Elena and her Ex:Re collaborator, Fabian Prynn.

Elena told us The Dazzler was a real place, but we wanted to transform it into a hotel of the mind. That lost, sedated limbo you get stuck in when you can’t get over your last relationship. With a colour palette borrowed from Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’, our hotel room becomes a kaleidoscopic vision of a world stuck in an endless loop. Swimming in regret and drowning in thick alcohol. Elena appears in the video filtered through the ubiquitous hotel television. This isn’t the first time we’ve boxed a ghostly Elena inside a screen. This idea is a gentle but knowing nod back to the first ever Daughter video, which we directed in 2013.

Watch The Dazzler by Ex:Re featuring Maxine Peake
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