First Kiss (after Edison)


We’re delighted to be taking part in Vide Atelier, an initiative launched in June 2020 to help artists with the impact of COVID-19. We have a limited edition print available, First Kiss (after Edison) which is 12×16 inches, archival pigment on Hahnemühle 260 luster paper in an edition of 25, for £105.

Vide Atelier is a collaboration between three organisations at the forefront of artist advocacy. DACS, the UK’s leading artists rights organisation, Marcel for Art, a free digital fine arts management platform co-founded by Ori Gersht, and Verisart, the market leader in blockchain verification for contemporary art.

The shop aims not only to help sustain artists’ practices during the pandemic, but also going forward. Traditional mechanisms of sale and exhibition are thrown into an uncertain and potentially enduring pause. The UK art market, although adapting to its new reality, is faced with a long and unpredictable road to recovery.

Our print edition is from a short video piece we made in 2010 based on the first ever on-screen kiss, filmed by Thomas Edison in 1896. We cast two young actors, Bryony Kay and David Andrew Perkins, as our younger selves, to create an impossible re-enactment of a moment that never happened – our first teenage kiss. In reality, we met at art school, aged twenty. But the Edison film itself was also a re-enactment, of the final scene from the stage musical The Widow Jones. May Irwin and John Rice were filmed in Edison’s infamous Black Maria Studios.

The print is available now from Vide Atelier.

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