Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard present a series of 7 podcasts that document Liverpool. During the last 12 months, the artists have been regular visitors to the city, working on a major new project, Silent Sound, at Greenland Street for the 2006 Liverpool Biennial. During these trips they have come to know Liverpool through the eyes of others, unofficial guides all providing unique insights and perspectives on a city in the process of cultural transformation.

Each episode will feature a single guide who will pull sharp focus onto a particular area or aspect of Liverpool, with participants including the band To My Boy, entrepreneur Gary McClarnan and Ceri Hand, Director of Exhibitions at FACT. The podcasts will be available to subscribe to or download as individual episodes from this page and various podcast directories including iTunes. Episode 1 begins with Iain and Jane talking about their connection to Liverpool's past and present through their project 'Silent Sound'. Subscribe now

  • Episode 1


    Guide: Iain and Jane

    Subject: Silent Sound

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  • Episode 2


    Guide: Mike Carney

    Subject: Mersey nightscape

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  • Episode 3


    Guide: Gary McClarnan

    Subject: The Light Ship

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  • Episode 4


    Guide: To My Boy

    Subject: Slater Street area

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  • Episode 5


    Guide: Steve Moran

    Subject: Williamson Tunnels

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  • Episode 6


    Guide: Philip Hayes

    Subject: Indigenous Scousers

    Coming soon...

  • Episode 7


    Guide: Ceri Hand

    Subject: Billy Roberts & Mediumship